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Welcome to the
European Mediterranean Maritime Asset Management,
Safety, Security & Infrastructure Development Summit
Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th of May 2021
St Raphael Resort | Limassol -

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Represented Include:

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The global maritime and shipping industry is facing an era of unprecedented
transformative change. The digitisation of core functions, stricter HSE requirements and
unpredictable global markets make it imperative for operators to ensure that they invest
correctly in order to remain competitive while adhering to environmental and safety
protocols and regulations. The
EuroMed Maritime Summit welcomes the Region's
Shipping, Ports and Maritime Services sector to Cyprus' Port City of Limassol to
collectively hear from leading experts regarding the following issues:

  • Moving Towards Smart/Digital Ports and Smart Carriers: Staying Competitive -
    Developing Digital Eco Systems within the Maritime Supply Chain
  • Managing the Human Element in Maritime Safety, Security and
    Environmental Protection.
  • Intelligent Shipping - Developing More Than Just Autonomous Ships. Tangible
    Advantages and Efficiencies Offered by Intelligent Shipping Technologies and their
    Future Affect on Traditional Ship Management Processes and Operations.
  • Trends and Prospects for the Tanker Business - Economics & Fleet Strategy
  • Regulatory Environment and Compliance for Ships and Tankers | Trading,
    Safety, Operational and Security Standards.
  • Blockchain Implications and Applications Within the shipping and maritime
  • Meeting the 2020 Fuel Challenge: With the deadline looming for IMO’s global
    0.5% sulphur regime on January 1st 2020, the shipping sector has to make up its
    mind between the alternative options of compliant fuel, scrubber technology and
    LNG, Each comes with very significant implications for both shipowners and ports.
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  • Preparations for servicing new regional activities such as the oil and gas

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